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Green Materials - Fire

There is something incredibly primal about fire and the warmth, protection and beauty of it.  For centuries, it has warmed homes, cooked food and fueled passions.  Burning wood efficiently in our home brings the natural world inside.

Masonry Stove:
To heat the majority of the house, we had a local mason build a masonry stove, centrally located which radiates heat throughout the house. 

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Masonry heaters are an efficient, clean source of wood heat with a reduced environmental impact. The wood is burnt rapidly without smoldering, producing very little smoke emissions. Having one fire a day, the heat is then stored in the thermal mass of the masonry, slowly radiating into our house for the next 18 to 24 hours. As with the radiant heat floors, the heat is felt in a similar way to the radiant heat of the sun. The house is never overheated, the house is not dried out and air pollution is reduced dramatically.

Masonry stoves have the highest efficiency rate that can be achieved burning wood. With a good design, efficiency of masonry heaters falls 90% which is considerably higher than efficiency of standard metal stoves and fireplaces (Masonry Heater Association).  Heating your home with wood is a natural approach to gaining peace of mind from “black-outs” and the predicted future energy crisis. Masonry heaters have a low heating cost partially due to the fact that wood as a renewable energy source is less expensive but also because the wood burns at such a high temperature, there is very little heat loss through the chimney.  Environmentally speaking, the use of a masonry heater for heating produces no net greenhouse gas emissions.

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