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If someone asks you to visualize a sustainable living environment, many of us envision a rural farm-like setting with lots of land and plenty of natural resources around that can support our needs. The reality though, is that most of us live in cities. So, instead of pining for the acreage that will solve it all and depending on cars to make contact with the rest of the world, we have made a conscious effort to live ‘green’ within a city, on a city sized lot, in a subdivision that is within walking and biking distance to amenities.

New Denver Home & GardenA healthy home is one that provides extraordinary light, comfortable spaces, warmth and fresh air. As a family, we believe the perfect environment is outdoors, hiking in the mountains, playing among the trees, feeling the wind carried over the water and experiencing the seasons change. Since we can’t live outside all the time, we can design our home and living spaces something like the outdoors.

Creating healthy, safe environments for family and friends means using products that have low to zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), products that don’t off-gas and natural materials which do little harm to the environment. Evaluating products is a complicated process and there are sometimes trade-offs. When choosing eco-products, it is important to understand which are the least harmful to health and the environment. What you put into your house is just as important as how you build it.

An eco-lifestyle doesn’t just mean building green. Every decision impacts the earth. Living green means re-thinking everything. Healthy living extends to the communities we live in, the way we travel, growing our own food, composting, collecting rainwater and nourishing our bodies and minds in healthy homes. Even a small gesture helps shift the paradigm.

Sustainable, healthy living will improve our well-being today and tomorrow. 
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