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Minimizing Radiation

Electro magnetic fields (EMF) are produced when a wire is electrically charged.  EMFs are for example, used in the form of wireless transmission such as cell phones, and wireless internet. The dangers of EMFs are now being recognized and the way we build new houses can greatly reduce EMF exposure. 

We have now come to a point, where there are governments warning against too much cellphone use, citizens calling to remove towers from school proximity and inquiries into exposure from EMF radiation. 

  • The house has been wired to greatly reduce electro magnetic fields.  In an age where we rely on technology to communicate, work and entertain, some might think it’s difficult to reduce EMFs in a household.  There are easy steps we took to greatly reduce EMFs without sacrificing our lifestyle.
  • We also used armoured cable to ensure any EMF produced by the household branch wiring is taken to ground.
  • We then used a Gauss meter to identify potential sources of EMF we may have missed and took steps to eliminate and reduce them. 
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