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A healthy home includes warmth within the house.  Living in a Canadian climate, the health benefits of a warm envelope with healthy air, sheltering us from the elements when required is important.

  • We used cellulose insulation which is recycled newsprint. This is a non-toxic product, containing no formaldehyde or ammonium sulfates like other insulation options.  The fire retardant is boric acid which has a low toxicity to humans.
  • Thermal masses throughout our house and the masonry stove allows for a clean, healthy heat to be distributed into spaces through the interior without kicking up dust or blowing particulates around the home.
  • Using natural furnishings and décor throughout the house adds a warmth which cannot be replicated by plastic, manufactured goods that off-gas. Wood is one example of a natural material that embodies warmth and adds character to a home. 
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